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Artist ID: 2557

I'm an American painter based in Birmingham, Alabama, and my work focuses upon people and issues of identity and presentation. I draw inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community and my own experiences as a gay man. My work combines oil painting with contemporary imagery to capture characters who do not conform to society's traditional view of how they should present themselves: glorifying individuality and placing the subjects in idealized stage-like settings. Photography has had considerable influence on my work, allowing me to capture an image of individuals with dramatic light, while simultaneously creating ideal source material for painting. Desiring the composition and the fleeting nature of a camera's ability to capture a moment and crave the physicality of oil paint on canvas. Some of my paintings flirt with notions of masculinity and gender roles, while others are more character driven, with sensual, stoic, and sweet notes.

Josh Hoggle lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. A current BFA candidate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he has shown work at many galleries and museums across the southeast. These include the Wiregrass Museum of Art, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Grand Bohemian Gallery, Arts Revive, and The University of Alabama’s Student Juried Annual. Hoggle won first place in the 2-D category at the Arts Revive Gallery and Best in Show at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Juried Annual in 2021. In addition, he has received many awards for painting, including the Takahashi award and the Senior Scholarship at the University of Alabama.
Hoggle is a classical oil painter whose work examines the human condition through figurative painting. He draws inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community around him and his own experiences as a homosexual man. His work combines oil painting with contemporary imagery to capture individuals who do not conform to the pressures of society to present themselves in a certain way.

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