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Artist ID: 2554

I approach each piece with varying surface preparation, scale, and materiality. This steers me towards less-conventional experimentation with methodology, working primarily in mixed media to create a clear presence of the artist. This is evident through a chaotic juxtaposition of mediums, fragmented parts that are carefully stitched together, and in the visual movement created by contrasting form, color, and texture. My creative means manifest in the idea of the process; accepting that the piece itself is not difficult, but that its sense of difficulty lies within its particular experience. I habitually refer to this as making “difficult” art in that its experience with me in the flesh has been personified as difficult, both in time and throughout the creative process.

The artist is an Alabama native and multidisciplinary creative dedicated to creating work with purpose and heart. Shereceived a BFA from The University of Alabama (2021) and is currently based in Dothan, Alabama.

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