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Artist ID: 2553

Ended is a series of photographs which focuses on both the visible and invisible indications of death. A range of animalia are depicted in seemingly incomplete scenes – where we do not know how they arrived at this moment. In his book Aereality, William L. Fox, director of the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art, purports that “80 percent of everything we learn each day...[comes] through our eyes.” While these images may not convey what motivated a creature’s demise (though in some cases you can make an educated guess), their existence, or lack there-of, is particularly fascinating. In each case the animals offer something to another. The dead deer allows the blow fly to propagate. The carcass of the rabbit ends up in the belly of a coyote. The innards of the lizard provides nourishment to its cousin. Even the mummified bird, with its delicate feathers, offers a compelling visual stillness that satiates the viewer.
While the photos seemingly don’t intend to provide a didactic experience, they do exert a force drawing you into the moment. We all know death is inevitable and universal; an event we will all share. The images in Ended prove these animalia existed and will be, in a sense, revived in artform.

My name is William J Fenn. I was born in North Hollywood, CA and I grew up spending countless hours at the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Garden, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hollywood Bowl, Dodger Stadium and the restaurants and shops of La Brea Avenue. I’m a firm believer in the benefit of a public education and I received my BA from California State University, Fresno and my MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduate school, I taught for three years as a visiting lecturer in photography at Georgia State University where I frequented the High Museum, Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, and Turner Field. Currently, I teach and am chair of the Department of Fine Arts at Auburn University at Montgomery and I make my home in Birmingham, AL where you’ll often find me at Ruffner Mountain, Automatic Seafood and Oysters and TrimTab Brewing. I love to make and take photographs and wherever I am, there’s likely a camera in reach.

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