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Artist ID: 2539

I strive to unite the common person and the art connoisseur by striking a balance between form and function in metal fabricated artwork. My formative forays in art were emotional outlets for depression. Ironically, this led to more isolation and depression despite constantly expressing myself through art. Recognizing a deep need for community in my own life, I believe that art should be more than solely self gratifying, and this drives me to create artwork with widespread appeal. My most ideologically effective art pieces build upon a high level of craft and precision. I see the finely crafted aesthetic as a largely universal language which I use to promote engagement with as wide an audience as possible.

Eric Nubbe is a Tuscaloosa based artist whose career began in and around a few of the large practicing art studios of the city such as the University of Alabama and O’Connor Studios. Through these entities he worked on numerous large art projects like the Alabama State Bicentennial Park and the Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Sculpture. He personally undertook several permanent outdoor sculptures including a seven-foot tall mirrored bronze D.W. Logo and the aluminum Kaleidoscope in Tuscaloosa’s Snow Hinton Park. All these projects honed his craft and guided him toward his affinity for metal fabrication steeped in computer-based designs. Coupling computer designing with fabrication experience allows him to create concise plans for an accurate outcome while pushing the limits of both materials and computer designing. Beginning with Kaleidoscope, Eric began to experiment with merging form with function. Recently this influenced his work to create a series of sculptural functional lamps and furniture. This hybridization is critical to Eric to create artwork approachable by everyone: both the art critic and the general public.

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