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Artist ID: 2526

My creative research broadly looks at how bodies are quantified and assigned value. This interdisciplinary work highlights how medical related media place bodies and their functions into hierarchies that affect how people experience embodiment and understand themselves represented in society. I re-present found texts, images and video relating to ideological notions of health and wellness that emphasize social conceptions of mortality. My work often looks at national and multinational institutions invested culturally, socially, and financially in illness, such as big pharma companies, insurance providers, pharmacy chains, etc. Using a range of formal strategies, from printmaking, drawing, mixed media sculpture, video, installation and ceramics, my work illustrates how medical media is made physical through reception and internalization.

Daniel Luedtke is an interdisciplinary artist and musician living in Tallahassee FL. Luedtke’s interdisciplinary work illustrates ways that people and bodies are quantified, categorized and assigned value. These ideas are often illustrated by emphasizing the physicality of printed images in installations and other flat-but-dimensional objects. He has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums such as the Walker Art Center, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Tom of Finland Foundation, Museum of Art and Design in New York, the Schwules Museum in Berlin. His work has been published in printmaking anthologies by Princeton Architectural Press and Chronicle Books. He is an Assistant Professor of Art at Florida State University.

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