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Artist ID: 2525

My work examines the personal stakes involved in memory and identity formation through portraiture and imagined scapes. My practice relies heavily on filmic and photographic distortions and compositional techniques to create fantastical self portraits. Using myself as the primary figure for my paintings, I compose settings using images taken from contemporary selfies, childhood memories of one homeland, and imagined frontiers of another. Based on double exposure photographs and digitally manipulated reference images, my work explores the dynamics and landscapes of the Asian and Latinx diasporas that I belong to. Locating the subjects of my paintings in geographically impossible superpositions allows me to coordinate the landscapes and material cultures that surround the self. Though the details of the context are specific to me and my life, I believe the underlying sentiment is accessible to all those who view it--those who feel caught in the midst of various cultures, family dynamics, nationalities, or ethnicities.

Aineki Angelita Traverso is an oil painter based in Atlanta. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2013 with a concentration in painting and film theory. Since October 2020, she has been a studio artist at MINT and has shown work in local galleries and publications such as Swan Coach House Gallery, Good News Arts, Bat City Review, and Wussy Mag.

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