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Artist ID: 2521

These paintings are an expression of my interests in philosophy, religion, and history.
In them, I reveal the often hidden structures of the art making and design process, and explore the tension between representational illusion and abstract flatness. In this way, these works navigate the Platonic and Aristotelian debates that have shaped western art and ideas.

The landscapes depicted are associated with mystery and spirituality, such as those found in the American southwest. These landscapes are often compared or contrasted with architectural forms such as historical churches, or classical artworks that have become the embodiment of cultural ideals, doctrine, dogma, and a hope that there is some great truth to be found casting the “shadows on the wall” of our present plane of reality.

May we all one day be freed from Plato’s cave.

Donald Keefe was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1984. He received a BFA from the University of Kentucky in 2009, and an MFA from the University of Florida in 2013.

Donald’s artwork has been exhibited nationally, included in a variety of publications, and won awards. He has also completed private commissions and was the recipient of a federal grant for a public arts project.

He currently lives just outside of Chattanooga with his wife and two sons, where he serves as Associate Professor of Art at Southern Adventist University.

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