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Artist ID: 2518

I was struck by a line from the blog, The Jemima Code,written by the culinary author Toni Tipton Martin. The line is:
[When the mistress said “I planted 60 acres of oats today,” she usually meant she supervised the day’s agricultural chores not that she actually did the work herself.]

My proposal for a site specific installation Catenary Harvest for B22 is as follows:

Fertile land was planted with crops that fueled the economy of the South for centuries. The installation Catenary Harvest combines chain with the crops of Southern agriculture in an exploration of the relationship of farming for nourishment and profit in the present as well as the plantation past. By contrasting the natural beauty of grains and cotton with the chains of industry and architecture the mirrored images and patterned shadows are both fragile and fleeting as the smell of baking bread or the feel of a cotton shirt against the skin. The viwer collaborates by walking about the work, adding shadow to the walls, their reflections in the mirrors.

Based in St. Augustine and Welaka, Florida, Jan Tomlinson Master is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Her work has been shown and collected nationally and in Aviles, Spain, representing St. Augustine as a 450th Compassionate obelisk artist. Her collaborations on public art can be seen in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine.

Known for large sculptural installations that contrast man made material with those from nature she explores present concerns be it environmental, societal, or personal. Master looks upon her art practice as one of ‘call and response’. Each installation is a meditation on current events and personal tribulations. Responding by methodically bundling, stacking, inserting, or tying natural materials on site she uses the act of building as a ritualized event, performance, penance: a whisper and sometimes a scream to the call of past injustices, environmental concerns, humanitarian crisis and to her own demons.

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