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Artist ID: 2489

My work deals with themes of memory, psychology, landscape, and mythology. My current print series titled, Nothing Left Unveiled, deals with “unveiling” as it relates to uncovering the truths of many things, and making something once concealed known. I am referencing the process of pulling back the layers of our own stories, memories of events, and diving into the origins of our personal mythologies. I am conveying something that is in shadow or darkness, becoming “unveiled”— more visible, seen, and known. The series includes monoprints that are made on an etching press using pieces of old clothes. The objects we wear hold memories of lives, places, and events. I use fragments of old clothes because of their link to personal stories and the recognizable silhouettes that hint at something familiar, but still remain abstract in the works. The textures and sheer layers of color become “veils” in the prints, building layered landscapes of objects coming in and out of focus.

Liza is from Birmingham, AL where she currently lives and works. She attended theAlabama School of Fine Arts and received her BFA in Studio Art from Washington
University in St. Louis, where she was awarded the Hazel H. Huntsinger Memorial Prize
in Painting. She has spent time living in NYC where she participated in the New York
Arts Practicum Residency Program, completed a residency at Brooklyn Arts Space, and
worked at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. She currently serves as the
Workshop Coordinator and Project Manager for Paperworkers Local, a printmaking
cooperative in Birmingham, AL. She is also a member of Ground Floor Contemporary,
an artist run gallery space.

Liza’s preferred mediums are oil painting and printmaking. She uses landscape imagery,
silkscreening processes, and experimental techniques with paper and fabric. Her work
has been exhibited at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in NYC, Mana
Contemporary in Jersey City, the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art in Richmond, VA,
the Hole in NYC, ArtsRevive in Selma, Alabama, and the University of Southern
Mississippi, among others.

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