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Artist ID: 2486

My recent work is heavily influenced by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, repairing broken pottery with lacquer and gold.This treats breakage and repair as history of an object rather than something to disguise or hide. I’ve been working to heal from a trauma-filled life.The process of healing rather than trying to hide it or pretend everything is fine when it clearly is not. I am aware that everyone in the human experience has trauma.The latest incident was that of domestic violence that opened the doors to services and healing for my children and myself.
All of this deep dive has uncovered a discovery by researchers at Stanford to use Faraday sound waves to heal hearts at the cellular level. The patterns created by these cells under the Faraday waves have influenced my art with a pattern below the surface of the final image. Using a combination of texture mediums and glass beads I recreate the patchwork patterns of heart cells being affected by the Faraday waves then using gold leaf and multiple layers of glazes on the hearts to fuse them together as one healed unit.
The actual working on the layers has been very therapeutic in dealing with my PTSD in a total body immersive way.

Terry A Dedrick
Terry A Dedrick was born in Freeport New York in 1960. Having a mother that made the journey by boat from blitzed post war London has had an incredible influence on her early life. Her parents made sure to bring the family to museums in Manhattan on a regular basis. It was there she saw her first Da Vinci and Degas. Her early career was mainly black and white silver prints and lithography. Her preference was to use litho stones instead of plates as the physically hard work allowed her to tune out the rest of the noise of the world.
Terry has had a varied career and personal life. One of her first was as a puppeteer for the City of Tampa, which led to her joining the Great American Circus becoming Tiny Tim’s first female chauffeur and road manager. She looked at this as an opportunity to capture images behind the scenes of the lights and crowds. Many of these images were featured in the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art annual Hortt Competition. Then in 1995 she gave birth to a son who had a very complicated delivery that left him to deal with brain injuries. He wasn’t expected to live past the age of two, through her hard work and being a strong willed broad her son is now an adult who is thriving with special needs.
Terry is also trained as an assistive technology specialist giving the voiceless a voice. A sensory integration muralist creating murals for pediatric therapy centers. Her innovative technique of using ceramic fish as a hand hold for young patients to stand in an tactile aquarium setting.
A big part of her experience has been many traumas at key developmental times in her life. This brings us to her latest works of HEALING HEARTS. Using the latest scientific information of how the body heals from trauma she is incorporating this information to create visual images about healing. Her work is the healing everyone needs in these challenging times.

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