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Artist ID: 2480

I am an artist who explores connections through the emotions of color. To move past realistic depictions, I play with colors, textures, and patterns to create emotional paintings. I work to expand traditional ideas of beauty through flattened, saturated pieces. These paintings attempt to recreate the moment in life where one feels aligned with their inner self. Sometimes the art begin with a question, emotion, or experience. Sometimes they begin with a photograph and end with an experience. There may be a plan for the painting, but my intuition leads me to a meditative state of flow with chance outcomes. A personal sanctuary is found in the intuition and letting the art practice guide you. Each painting is a significant moment or feeling from life. My work translates emotions into visual art.

Growing up in rural Alabama straddling the Tennessee state line, my exposure to art was low. Thankfully, I have an artistic grandmother and an art lover mother who put art in front of me growing up and a teacher who pushed me to actually create and compete in art during high school. My first art class was in art school. I really wanted the artist life but with little creative confidence, I was happy to major in art history and study beauty, history, artist’s life’s, places, and times. It wasn’t until I was almost finished with a graduate degree in art history that the lightening bolt of creative impulse hit me. I attended a gallery exhibit where a violin player composed little songs for each painting. It was a transformative experience that showed me the intervention of all the arts and the possibilities of creativity. Since then I no longer study art, I create it.

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