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Artist ID: 2475

“I have always been drawn to the features of the face as subject matter in my art. While my work is not narrative, per se, it is the features that hold the truth and beauty for the story that I’m seeking. My sculptures are a part of me. It is my demons, my dreams, and my desires. Working through my processes while resolving the technical issues, my thoughts are constant and sometimes helpful.
Actively speaking, my work is focused and discerning, each pass of clay is critical and repeatedly critiqued. I work mostly from photographic references but many of my artistic decisions are informed by my understanding and personal interpretation of movement.
My ideas arise from my memories, an emotion a feeling, a particular time. In my work the connection to a person or event finds its way into the process and hopefully is fulfilled through the clay.
In the end, I hope people will view my work and be left with a response to something reflected within themselves.
Finally, my approach is not precious nor is it symbolic, it is a kinetic statement between the clay, me, and any given moment.”

Kate Piretti is a sculptor and maker of things living in Tallahassee, Florida. She received her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design from Florida State University. After living in Tallahassee for a decade, she moved back to Delaware where she worked as a corporate designer and eventually teacher of Graphic Design at the High School level. Now a full time artist she happily resides back in the town that she has always embraced as her true home. Four years ago she discovered her love of clay while taking an introduction throwing class and then began sculpting August of 2017.
Her first showing of a portrait sculpture, Mrs. Moore, came through the annual juried show Creative Tallahassee 2018.
Most recently, 30th Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Arts included two sculptures into their currently running exhibit.

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