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Artist ID: 2470

Analyzing the breadth of my work and research, it can be understood that my practice has primarily consisted of the exploration of the liminal spaces that exist between feelings of strength and fragility. As I work, utilizing lines, points, and planes, I often seek to create a sense of space from within the confines of the two-dimensional surface. This constant pursuit allows me to foster a contemplative environment in which one can slow down for but a moment and be still. While working, I have contemplated polemic relationships and subtle juxtapositions that have continually informed many of the formal decisions found within the work. The use of folding techniques paired with natural dyes and oil-based paints have allowed me to achieve a vocabulary of systematic mark making and soft value transitions that create atmospheric effects. This process of drawing produces physical areas in which there is a presence and absence of material, directly impacting perceptions of space and depth. The prevalent imagery of the grid, as well as gestural marks, are created through folding, burnishing, scraping, and pressing, serving as direct remnants and records of the tangible sum of moments spent exploring that which lies within in hopes of understanding that which lies outside.

Kole Nichols (b. 1998, Florence, Alabama) received his BFA from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and is currently a second-year graduate student at The University of Alabama where he instructs drawing and design courses. Some of his recent exhibitions include the 44th Montgomery Art Guild Exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and the Red Clay Survey: 2020 Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art at the Huntsville Museum of Art.

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