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Artist ID: 2469

In my life I have encountered many people, family, friends and strangers suffering poignant depression. There seem to be many stressors which can trigger depression.  Recently a family member suffered a critical mental health crisis which affected me. One might call these paintings sympathetic magic in hopes of healing.

The covid virus epidemic has caused a tsunami of change to the lives of every human being. We run a high risk of disease in just living our daily lives.  Many have the real fear of death. Others' lives have been changed by contracting the disease. Many have lost their ability to make a living either due to illness or their jobs evaporating. The increased cost of living due to rising prices is an added burden to daily life.

Those who work in the medical field do not like to see people dying. Actually no human likes to see anyone die.
Those who are first responders face more challenges  along with a higher risk of contracting the disease often dealing with stressed out people.

As one trained in anthropology I see an even deeper problem. Man, (which includes all genders alternate genders), is a social being. Currently, we are told to stay away from those we love for fear of infecting them. We wear masks to protect others. But in wearing masks we hide one of our most valuable assets. The face, which reflects of all our emotions, especially, Smiles.
Being deprived thus of social interaction is and continues to be socially destructive if left unchecked.

Personally, I always detest when someone points out a problem. Offering no solution not even a partial solution or a small balm to alleviate said circumstance.

It's a small act of active listening. Like the mask we are all asked to wear. It is only a partial solution but most likely with a bigger impact.  Actively listening to others. We all need a confidant. It may be a stranger on the street with a sympathetic ear. It may be someone far away we communicate who is non-judgmental but shows caring in listening.  It is non-judgmental listening, listening with an open heart, an open mind.

It is something we are all called to do but few of us make the time.

Artist Bio

I am called a Naif Artist or so says a friend from Argentina. My work is trial and error. I had the good fortune of growing up in a community where several contemporaries were talented artists. Two of them have had thriving professional careers. One is retired portrait artist, Sally T. Manion of Paradise Valley, AZ. she still paints. Last time we corresponded she was working on portraits of her parents as children. The other died much too young William Sawicki of Chicago. The Mon Fils et son Chien is in his Conté  style of art. A homage to Billy from someone not as talented as he. I was always intimidated by their work. But I learned much in both watching them work and in viewing what they produced.

In my college years I haunted both the Chicago Art institute and the Field museum. Both contain many specimens of art. Although it was not required in any class I took. I found myself drawing some of the artifacts at the Field museum.
I consider myself adept at studying “The Human Condition”. I have a love of beauty which I think is reflected in much of my work. I'm prolific if not profound.

I realized I could draw and that art was a language in biology class. We were required to draw what we saw under a microscope or were dissecting. The fact that anyone else could interpret what I drew blew my mind. In many religions symbols have deep meaning. This also reinforced the idea for me that art can be or rather is a language. Like all languages though it can be misinterpreted. Viewing art brings forth our own personal interpretations based on our culture, our past and our views on life.

I moved to Alabama as a young adult. It's been my adopted home ever since(Several decades although I still feel and sometimes act like a sixteen year old.) I was entranced by the natural beauty found here. I still am. I would loath to leave here for there are many listening hearts here. 

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