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Artist ID: 2466

This series started out as an experiment on my design ability. It quickly evolved into something a little more meaningful. Covid-19 rocked all of our worlds in more ways than we can explain. These images compile the idea of what we as people may have lost, have gained--rather good or bad-- and have felt over these past couple of years. It's a cliche that there is a "light at the end of the tunnel" when we talk about the pandemic being over; however, I think it will forever leave an impression on how we will continue to walk through the tunnels that garnish our journeys through life.

My name is Marcus Dorsey, from Montgomery, AL. I am a graphic designer by trade and photographer by passion--also just a Jack of all trades; though, that's another story for another time. Since I graduated college, I rarely showcase my graphic design work so this is me stepping out of my comfort zone. I love photography and cultivating that part of my art; however, graphic design has been on a shelf collecting dust. I do hope you enjoy this work as much as I did creating it.

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