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Artist ID: 2464

My paintings explore race, class, and gender through my experience as an indigenous, Latinx, transgender male. I depict naked brown bodies inhabiting upper-class spaces to question who owns and deserves to occupy specific spaces in order to challenge both historical and contemporary representations of marginalized people. The figures’ body language as well as top surgery scars and lack of discernible genitalia allow the viewer to explore the nuances of being a transgender person of color in cisgender white-dominated spaces. These works give representation to Indigenous and Latino people so they can see themselves and their own struggle, while also challenging a white upper-class audience to consider who belongs in certain spaces.

Diego Pablo Málaga (b. 1999 in Lima, Peru and resides in Orlando, Florida) received his BFA in 2021 from the University of Central Florida. Málaga is a painter interested in the brown, transgender body, alongside tropical South Floridian suburbia and how the two clash with one another. Adding elements of his native Peru, Málaga explores his own intersectional identity and disentangles his family history, class markers, and queerness within his work. Using the saturated Floridian atmosphere as his backdrop, Málaga dives deep into Latinidad, Indigenous identity, and how the transgender body can be holy.

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