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Artist ID: 2463

The artist’s work explores the dark, silent corners of the adolescent female’s mind using colorful, bubbly imagery of plastic feminine consumerism. Cuteness is a form of vulnerability; a form of catharsis many girls use to purge the violence, aggression and abjection in their minds. Behind the sweet, colorful veneer of an adorable persona, there is a little girl who is angry, hurt, unheard, and in hate with the world. Drowning in cuteness is her means of escape. Le makes her work for the girls who obsessively hoard cuteness and surround themselves with adorable objects to make up for the things they feel are missing in their soul. She makes for girls who turn to aggressively adorable maximalism to quell their sorrows, who manifest their suffering into a persona of hyper-cuteness.
Based on research in childhood psychological development and current trends in the plasticity and cult of girlhood, the artist uses hyper-cute motifs of feminine materialism as proxies to explore the ‘false’ and ‘true’ self as it relates to the psychology of adolescent females. She speaks to girls like herself, who carry immense sorrow, anger, and violence within themselves, but have no means of expressing themselves other than capitalizing on the only thing they feel they have; their cuteness and vulnerability.

Kim Le is a hoarder of all things cute and a collector of plush friends. She spends her free time dancing, shopping, reading and writing hand written letters. Kim was born in Greenville, South Carolina and raised in a Vietnamese household. She graduated from Winthrop University this last year with a BFA concentration in Sculpture and Metal-smithing and works across a variety of mediums such as installation, fibers and photography as well. Kim currently works out of her hometown of Greenville and has exhibited in multiple shows across the country.

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