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Artist ID: 2462

"The truth is stranger than fiction." It's a memoirist's motto, and also the reason I choose to work in collage. I find delight in being intuitively drawn to certain images, and I'm astonished that when thoughtfully placed together, these individual images take on a collective meaning. The new configuration even seems to "make sense" of its disparate parts somehow. To me, the collage process mirrors the way we make sense of human existence. We start with our life circumstances (the images we're given), curate our experience (attracting what we want and rejecting what we don't), and make new meaning of our lives. In my work, I often combine images that are not only from different contexts but seem opposed—the sweet and the dark, the safe and the dangerous—leaving the viewer to wrestle with their own associations and, ultimately, assign their own meaning.

Taryn Chase Jackson is an artist working primarily in collage. Originally from Western New York, she now lives in Northwest Alabama. Taryn first explored art as a high school student, and was thrilled to have her work published in the local newspaper and to win the Tri-County Arts Council’s Scholastic Gold Key Award for Art.
Taryn completed a visual art concentration as part of her Humanities undergraduate degree and holds an MFA in creative nonfiction writing. She works as a grantwriting consultant and regularly posts new work on Instagram at

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