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Artist ID: 2450

The mental load women carry as caretakers, wives, mothers, and even in the corporate world, can leave us worn. With the constant influx of staged images perfected with filters, it is easy to compare our perceived imperfections with unrealistic fantasies. Celebrating our strength under adversity, and the finding the beauty in the present moment’s details can counteract these negative comparisons. This portrait of a wilted rose in mixed media is meant to draw attention to the beauty in imperfections that is generally dismissed at first glance. Thin washes of acrylic delicately slip over primed highlights and settle into unprimed shadows of the wood, followed by the deepest shadows being rendered in charcoal, and finally gold leafing to accentuate the damaged petals.

Kim Whaley is a mixed media artist whose work has been shown throughout the Southeast. Her work focuses on pausing to take in the present moment and the detail that it holds, often using damaged flowers to emphasize that the present is fleeting and imperfect. Kim is a Troy native and Troy University Alumni, currently living and working in Wicksburg, Alabama.

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