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Artist ID: 2448

Trying to explain the meaning of poetry is a good way to destroy poetry, but I guess one can relate the origins of a working process and where it leads.I come from a generation of artists that immersed themselves in the process of creation, not producing work out of a conceptual imperative as much as a desire for revelation. It’s a dance between the imagination and more rigorous formal considerations. How far can the limits of well-constructed compositions and improvised color and space be intertwined into images of meaning? The struggle between balance and imbalance is ultimately what is striven for in each painting; the balance and the search for meaning and personal relevance. While I find many artists point to subjects in society or the world, I find my journey pointing inward. Everything on the horizon already exists inside my psyche and the work I do centers on the interpretation of the events of the world lodged there.

Or, how about this, I find that paint and expression are so closely linked that I can’t separate one from the other.

Life continues to offer many strange and wonderful bifurcations and unexpected twists. I have every reason to believe that this trend will continue until I no longer have the strength to pay attention to the opportunities being offered in this life. These paintings are but a small glimpse into my body of work but even taken out of context, I hope it offers an audience something worthy of contemplation. I hope you agree.

After finishing a master’s degree in drawing and painting in 1976 from California State University at Long Beach I decided to travel to Europe to see what the world had to offer. My mother was French and I had visited family there since I was a child, so the idea had great appeal. Soon after leaving California I ended up on the island of Rhodes in Greece for a couple of years, in the historic village of Lindos. There began a twenty-five year adventure that ended in Paris where I was introduced to the full breadth of worldly culture. The city had a great influence on me in ways that would surprise those who well know Paris because my work is more than the influence of one place. Ultimately, my images reveal to me the very personal accumulation of experiences that formed my particular path forward, not exclusively of one place or time. My paintings are the result of an amalgamation of the sunny southern California tide-pools I knew as a child as well as the classical remnants of ancient Greece, extending to art historical European influences, the natural elements of Florida and possibly most importantly the many artists I met along the way.

The search for authenticity resonates within my career-long inquiry into the nature of reality through the medium of abstract painting. And as I carry on this journey, I continue to add experiences that guide my work, including hurricanes, the ebb and flow of the tides on the St. Johns River or why not, a stroke…

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