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Artist ID: 2445

The artist employs the visual and tangible gateway of painting to connect with the sensory world. It is a means to navigate through vulnerable and sacred spaces of joy, grief, trauma, unreserved anxiety, the experience of personhood. The physical act of making paintings is a dialogue with canvas in color and line about the things we can't figure out how to say with words. Described as “Visual Poems”, the artist's work as a gestural artist is one of refining communication -- more than simply necessary expression -- pursuing empathy through the place his art lives and speaks.
Engaging the canvas with oil, watercolor, gouache, graphite, oil pastels, crayons, and inks, intuitive compositions and framework develop – allowing emerging forms to create an emotional sense of presence and place. We are more than the simple vocabulary we have been given.

“I don’t know how to instill wonder – but I hope my work causes a slow curiosity to begin.”

Kevan Joseph O'Connor (b. 1988) is a husband, father, and artist living and working in Nashville, Tennessee.

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