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Artist ID: 2444

My artwork investigates topics that center around the concept of femininity, such as the relation to nature or how women are represented across different forms of media. I do this through narrative and figurative painting stylized after historic and traditional artworks. I aim to present a new interpretation of outdated ideals surrounding women in art, forming a modern commentary that contradicts Eurocentric beauty standards of the past. My figurative pieces show women in positive and empowering ways by celebrating the strength and beauty of the female form. I work from a variety of sources; the subjects of my art include strangers, friends, and myself. This allows for a focus on embracing a variety of personalities, physical features, and body types.
As a mixed media and multidisciplinary artist, I enjoy incorporating a variety of materials and techniques in my art making. I use oil paint, acrylic paint, found objects, thread, charcoal, and collage to create multilayered pieces. This allows me to build an interesting physical aspect for the work. Following traditional approaches to paintings, most of my figures are painted in oil. Oil paints are my preferred medium, because of the level of detail, dimension, and blendability that I am able to achieve.

Elements from art history movements and nature influence my art style as well as the subject matter I choose to present. Many of the artists I admire were a part of the Rococo, Baroque, and Romantic eras of the eighteenth century as well as the nineteenth-century Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau movements. These artists were expert painters and storytellers. Through the use of dynamic color palettes, lively and expressive figures, and encompassing environments, their works were able to beautifully capture a moment from a story in a compelling manner. The viewer becomes fully immersed in the of a story, theme, or event that was being presented to them by the artist because of the amount of detail found in the artwork. My work is also often inspired by the twentieth-century Surrealism movement due to its diversion from the ordinary and its exploration of otherworldly, dream-like imagery.

Similar to some of these renowned artists, resources for my paintings come from literature based on mythology and fairytales. My fascination with classic tales and the previously mentioned art movements led to an interest in developing narratives in my own work. The ethereal portraiture featured in my artwork includes whimsical details and environments that form an enchanted, fairytale-like feel. I invite the viewer to escape reality for a moment as they are transported to a fantasy world of wonder and whimsy. By creating these works I wish to engage others with my art in a way that reignites their imagination to create a story based on the moment that is shown in the image.

Through the exploration of materials, techniques, and subject matter, I have used art as a source of self-expression and realization. My work is ever changing as I find new methods and interests. The paintings I create include women and show that all body types are beautiful and can be celebrated, which is something that I wish I had seen in media when I was growing up. I hope that the viewer can connect with my artwork in a positive way, whether that be embracing their creative side or finding empowerment.

While growing up in the stargazing and science-centric city of Huntsville, Alabama, Samantha Tallichet's passions always remained firmly within the exploration of humanities. From a young age, visiting museums to learn about different cultures and art history allowed her to develop an artistic perspective towards the world. She was drawn to narrative and traditional works of art because of the classical painting techniques and subject matter. These paintings gave her the chance to explore the topics of visual storytelling, the beauty of the human form, nature, and distant or imaginary places. This early interest in visual storytelling, painting, and art history inspired her undergraduate studies and professional aims. In 2017, she began her professional journey at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a minor in Art History in May 2021.

During undergraduate, Tallichet operated a small business and art studio for two years at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment. In addition, she had the opportunity to install two solo exhibitions in different galleries on campus. Her BFA exit show took place in April 2021 and was on display in the Wilson Hall Gallery at UAH. This series, titled “Beyond Aurora”, explored the topic of femininity, nature, representation of women in media, and classical imagery. After graduating, she was invited to install a second solo exhibition in the Salmon Library Gallery at UAH. “Identity: Becoming an Artist” was on display from July through September 2021. This group of paintings represented her journey as an artist as well as her interest in art history. Each of the pieces depicted herself in the place of renowned artists that she admires. For these paintings, she studied the artist and replicated their methods. Today, Tallichet continues her practice in Huntsville, Alabama, exploring new materials and themes in her artwork.

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