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Artist ID: 2441

As has long been said, and said rightly, the personal is political. I use photography, sculpture, installation, drawing and painting – whatever it takes – to express a variety of conditions faced by the human body and spirit. My practice is inspired by moments of pain and loss; the artwork is generated from pieces of evidence left behind after substantial experiences of transformation and personal evolution. I tend to work very serially with each body of work evolving from the ones before and catalog each of these as chapters in my oeuvre – “the art of personal mythology.” It is my belief that great art stirs mystery and memory and I strive to create unfolding experiences that draw on our unique, but collective human emotions.
Images from the ON/OFF Series were created after many months of sheltering in place. They represent musings on small symbols with large meaning. While easily recognizable to everyone, each viewer will bring their own associations when looking at these switches, especially in our current times when so much has changed so quickly.

Elyse Defoor (b. Greenville, SC, 1952) is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator who lives and works in Atlanta. She received her education from the University of Georgia and the Atlanta College of Art. For the last twenty years, she has used her art to respond to the wonders and the tragedies of the world. She consistently uses personal iconography as a vehicle to outwardly express her inner response to universal conditions. From this passionate inspiration, she produces artwork that causes a visceral shift in the eye and mind of the viewer. Defoor’s drawings, paintings, photographs and large-scale installations have gained international recognition and national exposure. Her original art and archival reproductions can be found in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the world.

Videos of "Elyse Defoor– Art Installation / Loss. Redemption. Grace," "Uncloaked," "Unbridled,"
"all of us, alone" and the first day of the "Relics of Marriage" outdoor installation in Castleberry Hill Atlanta, along with exhibit tours, NBC, and a PBS special may be viewed on Elyse Defoor–YouTube and her website,

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