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Artist ID: 2440

Quilting, my art form, honors the tradition of quilting and shows the versatility of a medium that uses only thread and fabric. My quilts are improvisational, cut free-hand, and created intuitively without the use of templates or patterns. They are constructed in the traditional manner of a quilt – a pieced top, batting, and a backing all sandwiched together then held in place with quilting stitches. The final quilting, or mark-making, adds another layer of depth and dimension to the quilt surface. Principles of art, such as quality of line, value, proportion, and figure/ground composition are incorporated. The use of color, developing a piece as I create it, and imaginative re-structuring of a simple shape are important components.
Observations of daily life, attentiveness to nature, reflections on personal insights, and digging deep into memories and experiences of my life inform my abstract creations. Those inspirations include the delightful array of colors in a new box of crayons at the beginning of a school year; the unadorned lines of red torii gates that mark the entrances of shrines seen during four pre-teen years in Japan; and piers and pilings, both sturdy and derelict, scattered along coastal waters. In the midst of these times of tremendous personal and social angst and disruption, I strive to convey through my work the joy and gratitude in my life.

Columbia, South Carolina has been my home since 1979 but my earlier years were shaped by being part of an Air Force family that moved frequently to a variety of places. Those moves offered many opportunities and required flexibility, openness, and independence, qualities that still guide my life. Four pre-teen years in Japan revealed its unique cultural aesthetics and philosophies which now influence my art.

Artistic inclinations and activities have always been part of my life, and led me to a career in music education. Sewing, initially for practical purposes, has been one of my favorite forms of expression since childhood. Several years before my 2013 retirement I had the urge to create art with thread and fabric. The opportunity to study with Nancy Crow, an innovator in contemporary quilting, presented itself in 2014. Her classes in Ohio have been my art education and are the foundation for the work I am now creating.

Two serious interests have taught me discipline and focus. My musical training began at eight years of age and required the discipline of daily piano practice. It also provided an understanding of musical principles that have parallels in visual art. The other interest is three decades of daily tai chi practice, an ideal complement to my artistic efforts. It trains my attentiveness to my multi-faceted being as well as the details, observations and understanding of everyday life.

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