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Artist ID: 2439

Taught to quilt by my mother, I rely on the painterly quality inherent in donated clothes to bring depth, character and story to my quilts, resulting in works simultaneously fact and fiction. I hand sew quilts both inside and outside of the tradition to experiment with the push and pull between craft’s functionality and form while addressing truths of poverty, disparity of luck, the relationship between force and power, notions of faux romanticism and false nostalgia, the physical corroboration of labor, woman versus machine, and the great might of the haptic. Walking a compositional balance and interpreting discarded clothes as an act of archeology, I use the socialized, standardized and purposeful restraint of traditional quilt patterning to self-edit what would otherwise be a full and total leap into expressionistic abstraction; playing the hyper-personal story as a wild melody in tandem with the harmony of broad themes of risk, autonomy and the freedom.

Coulter Fussell was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, an old textile town. She is the youngest family quilter, hailing from multi-generations of seamstresses and quilters. Starting there, she hand sews boundary pushing quilt-works using discarded and donated textiles left to her by fellow townspeople where she lives in rural Mississippi as her sole material.
Coulter has exhibited works across the country from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been featured in several publications, most recently the November 2021 issue of ‘Art In America’ magazine. Coulter is a 2021 Museum of Arts and Design Burke Prize Finalist, the 2021 Jane Crater Hiatt Fellow and winner of the Mississippi Museum of Art Biennial, a 2019 United States Artists Fellow in Craft and the 2017 SouthArts Southern Prize Finalist

Coulter lives in Water Valley, Mississippi with her family.

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