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Artist ID: 2432

The Bison is an icon of the West. Their destruction and slow climb back has been a great triumph. But what is it about this animal that demands such iconography? It was a staple for native indigenous people all across America for food, clothing, shelter, fire, and tools. They followed the bison and utilized all the resources they left and gathered. They did this with care and reverence taking only what was needed never wasting. Then the decline came with white hunters decimating the populations wiping out whole herds only taking the hides to sell. This image is to celebrate the icon that is the Bison and its rise back to a stable population.

My name is Dustin Adams, and I’ve been pursuing art in one form or another for most of my life. From film photography or wood working in high school to my associate’s degree in welding, creating art has always been a part of my life whether it be via a camera, hammer, or welder.
The involved nature of a degree program pushed me to develop myself as an artist, to discover my artistic style and what I enjoy doing. My BFA was simple and effective, and I want to expand on the knowledge I gathered there. For my capstone project, I utilized a drone to sample five different ecosystems from the birds eye view. Then I photographed samples within that bird’s eye view in situ (in the original place) as well as gathered specimens to shoot in a studio environment. These pieces were well received by my peers and my professors.

I am currently a MFA fellow at University of Florida working in film, alternative print processes, and printmaking. Working and pushing my practices using new print out techniques and methods.

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