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Artist ID: 2428

In my pursuit of creativity, my passions derive from humanity and the elegant, yet simplicity that nature and creatures alike possess. My colors and use of different mediums comes from the way I view the world around me and the everyday little interactions. When looking at the figure I see the blues, greens, and purple undertones of breathing flesh. Nature and humanity intrigue me and the connections of both are fascinating. This duality of humanity intertwined in the fabric of the natural world and the life we find all around us is not far removed from one another. I find humanity is not apart from nature but still very much living within it and there is beauty in both. The natural world, animals, plants, and humanity all collectively breathing in unison not apart but together.

Sara Ivey

Artist Bio

Sara Ivey was born and raised in Alabama where she currently is a resident of Newton Alabama. A lot of her inspiration comes from the resident wildlife, nature and the people in her surroundings. She explores this through different medium to grasp a better understanding of the world and its abundant inhabitance. A large portion of her work shows the presence of a figure with the intertwining colors that she sees when looking at different objects through life. She attended Troy university where she earned her BFA in 2019, studying painting, ceramics, and sculpture. After graduation Sara now pursues a career as an art educator where her passion is also to inspire young minds for the arts.

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