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Artist ID: 2427

I am a disabled housebound veteran. I paint in acrylic and watercolor, mostly realism style, sometimes impressionism. I paint landscapes, portraits and animals, mostly on canvas sheet, sometimes on canvas boards, stretched canvas, or wood. I started painting after I became disabled and housebound to help pass the time and give purpose to my life by contributing to others that are struggling with medical expenses. I give all my profits to the Dothan, Alabama Chronic Pain Support Group Medical Fund. Many of our members are unable to work, on disability, have fixed incomes, or have been waiting years to be approved for disability. Many cannot afford all the medical equipment, treatment, and support they need. The physical and mental health of someone with chronic pain or illness can decline quickly if they do not have everything they need to stabilize or improve their health. Profits from my art sales help offset some of the medical cost of our members.

I became disabled and housebound after and injury while on duty on the Air Force in 2015. I started painting and making jewelry to pass the time and raise money for the Dothan, Alabama Chronic Pain Support Group Medical Fund and other charities. With help from my friends I occasionally do fundraiser parties, vendor events, and volunteer activities to support my local community. I paint custom portraits, pets and landscapes. I make art prints from my paintings on a variety of materials. I also make custom handmade beaded jewelry. I hand make most of my beads from roiled paper. For more info on my work please see my Etsy store and the Creativity From Pain Party Group Facebook group

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