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Artist ID: 2424

I’ve Been Told (2019) and Intimate Distortions (2020-21) look beyond the stereotypes of conditioned social prescription to explore the complexities and nuances of our contemporary society. The pressures to attain significance and success through unattainable, homogenous goals of lifestyle, health and beauty is immense, and our family is just one that has been negatively impacted by them. My work considers the struggles with these internalized cultural norms that are shared by countless others.
I’ve Been Told (i) is comprised of scrunched up fabric printed with a conversation taken from an Instagram post in which a woman recounts personal comments made by relatives about her weight gain after her recovery from a long-term eating disorder. The rumpled fabric causes these words to become jumbled and lost, incomprehensible to the onlooker, save for the border that hints at a semblance of cohesive thought - her follower’s empathetic response, “I’ve been told several times I’d be so pretty if I lost weight.” This piece seeks to provoke awareness and discussion about the complicated nature of eating disorders and the communication and social difficulties often associated with them, as well as challenge the superficial values that bombard us daily.
I've Been Told (ii) Polyethylene Glycol, is comprised of slip cast porcelain forms hanging from chains, out of which Polyethylene Glycol has fallen onto plates and mirrors below. This installation continues to explore the topic of the diet industry's negative effect on our culture and psyche.

The composite forms of Intimate Distortions live in a complex place between nature and culture – a place of hybridity that indicates something evolved and ‘natural’, but also alludes to the historical, social, and cultural constructs that humans exist within.
My sculptural forms are amalgamations of porcelain, textiles, cast plastic, epoxy clay and other materials. I specifically use textiles to provoke reconsideration of our multifarious connections and contemplate how the fabrics we use affix us to a time and place within our culture and in our relationships to one another.

Distortion #2 is inspired by the stamen and pistils of a carnivorous plant that are hidden inside the flower and not visible from the outside. These tiny, secret parts were expanded and cast into giant, lush resin stamens. This sculpture, comprised of opulent fabric up-cycled from an evening gown and married with the plastic forms, creates a creature that appears to be in the act of growing, propagating and hybridizing. The focal part glows from within, lit by an interior light. It protrudes from red felt lips lined with wispy ostrich feathers. Another plastic stamen is beginning to grow out of the side. This piece continues the exploration of the contrast between nature and the social constructs humans live within.

As a female artist who started making and studying art after working then raising a young family, I can't help but make work that in some way reflects the journey my family and I have been on over the years, with all its ups and downs. Originally from England, the United States has been my home for over 30 years and I view with interest how my upbringing and culture differs from that of my children's. I am a multi-media artist whose works encompass, among other things, textiles, ceramics and sculpture. My work explores questions about identity, domesticity, and material consumption, and how these are subsequently reflected in our culture and the spaces we inhabit.

My Auxilium Persolutum, (Paid Help) series, looks at the complex interrelationship between individuals, drugs, the availability of healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry.

I’ve Been Told (2019), explores how the multi-billion dollar diet industry has affected the way we define and perceive ourselves.

My latest body of work, Intimate Distortions (2019-2021) evolved from the I've Been Told series as I considered the natural world and how we relate to it as we dwell within it.

I completed my BFA at Indiana University Northwest, and, as a winner of two purchase awards, I have pieces in Indiana University’s permanent art collection. I have exhibited at Bridgeport Art Center, 33 Contemporary Gallery, the Beverly Arts Center and Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, as well as South Shore Center for the Arts in Munster, Calumet College (solo show) and Indiana University East, in Indiana.
In 2021 I received my MFA in Visual Art, with a concentration in Sculpture, from Clemson University. I currently reside in South Carolina.

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