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Artist ID: 2423

I am like the crow collecting shiny treasures fallen from the pockets of a world passing by. With boxes and drawers of these jewels at my fingertips, I assemble reflections of my journey, my emotions, and my truth. Each scrap of paper, fragile insect wing and borrowed beauty is artfully and thoughtfully paired with something else–neighbors in a community or stitches of a tapestry. Evidence that we, too, are sometimes quietly lost until nestled within our assembled and interwoven lives. Each mixed media collage records my personal path and hopefully becomes a mirror to the soul of each receptive eye that sees it.

Deeply inspired by nature, Dariana delights in mining beauty from the ordinary to create the extraordinary. Papers, found objects, ephemera and thread are given new life and meaning as they are incorporated into mixed media collages. A visual dialog and juxtaposition of past and present elements creates a piece greater than the sum of its individual parts. Her artwork explores themes of connection to others as well as the landscapes in which we live. With a BFA from the University of Montevallo, Dariana currently works as both fine artist and graphic designer in Birmingham, Alabama.

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