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Artist ID: 2421

Her evolution to quilting compositions allowed her to merge her 1960s “handicrafts” background with her natural love of narrative and play. She couples her sense of humor with dark echoes of her own life experiences to create a work that documents an unspoken apprehension of moving and working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the abstraction of stitches, her work prompts the viewer to project their own experiences and reflect on their relationship with vaccination, masking, conformity, and the anxiety of being scrutinized for their choices.

Alabama-Based artist Lynn Schmidt has been working on her craft since the 1980s. Trained in the traditional arts of drawing and painting at the University of Georgia; she made the transition to various disciplines, drawn in by the accessibility of the myriad of new approaches to expression. Having recently received an MFA from SCAD, Lynn enjoys experimenting with this first love, photography, in new and innovative ways.

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