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Artist ID: 2420


I am an artist who paints by color, thinks in colors and lives in color. I see color before I see lines, shapes or any other detail. I pay attention to the way colors blend and unite us, or casts a spell, alters a mood or takes the mind to an interesting place. My artwork reflects my deep connection to color.

My artwork also reflects my love of animals. Just about any animal. I am involved in conservation, specifically raising money to save animal habitats which have diminished because of expansive building and construction and ecological disasters caused by global warming.

When you look at my work, your eye may be drawn to the background first. This is intentional. I use the background to remind you that the animal habitat is diminishing. A wild interpretative background is a warning that animal habitat will be lost if there is not more awareness of the land and its connection to us for survival. I make a few rare exceptions with the background, but the Rooster is one of those exceptions.

The Rooster is usually up before dawn and announces his presence in a bold way. Thus, the darker, early morning background with a very bold rooster reminding you the HE is in charge. A fun piece of life on a farm. Another connection to our land.

I am an oil painter, mixed media artist and illustrator with a studio located at Lowe Mill in Huntsville, AL.

Sandra Massengill
Oil Painter/Mixed Media Artist/Illustrator

Artist, Studio 315, Lowe Mill, Huntsville AL 2019-present

“Night Vision” Oil painting of Owl 24 x 36
“Journey” Sandhill Cranes Oil painting 36 x 36
Alabama Center for the Arts, Juried art show for Festival of Cranes, 2022

“Migration,” Oil painting of Sandhill Cranes 30 x 40
Animal, Mineral juried art show, Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary, Dallas Texas,
April 2021

Honorable Mention Award, “Mai Pen Rai” Oil painting of Elephants 24 x 24
Animals, Art Show International, Juried Show
July 2021

“Pollinators 2” Oil painting of second in series of pollinator paintings 30 x 40
Embracing Art XIX juried art show, Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Decatur, AL April 2021

“Migration” Oil painting of Sandhill Cranes 30 x 40
Alabama Center for the Arts, Juried art show for Festival of Cranes, 2021

“Pollinators 1” Oil painting of first pollinator series 30 x 40
Hindsight is 20/20 juried art show, Gold Sprint Café, Huntsville AL 2020

“Carolyn’s Robot Relative,” 2017 Written by Dana Lewis and Illustrated by Sandra Massengill. Teaches children about diabetes and acceptance for others. Amazon

Employed by US Government, 2003-2012. I have lived in Seoul, Korea; Washington, DC.; Zagreb, Croatia; Bangkok, Thailand; and Tokyo, Japan.

1993 BA from the University of California, San Diego

Member of ALWCA

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