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Artist ID: 2419

My paintings represent my personal impressions, feelings and understanding of the world around me. They are a reflection of my internal, imaginary world. Each painting carries messages on many levels through the feelings one may go sailing in the ocean of life. I use oil paints, canvases, canvas panels, boards, brushes and palette knives to create my art. My inspiration comes when using my feelings as source to explore a direction, as tools to create different worlds. I enjoy experiencing the freedom of every beginning. I love the excitement of creating shapes that I can't define at first which further in the process turn into more detailed ideas communicating with each other in a specific way. I seek beauty, balance, deepness and light while creating each painting and I love to inspire people to connect with me and each other through all described above.

Zlatka Angelova is a contemporary artist currently living in Jacksonville Florida. Born in a small town near the Black Sea, Bulgaria, she grows up in love with the sea and the aquatic world which becomes her main inspiration. In 2005 Angelova graduates Highschool of Architecture and Geodesy. In 2006 she continues her education changing career paths and enrolling in a Bachelor's degree program of Engineering and Design at Technical University Sofia. After gaining her bachelor's degree she is involved professionally with interior design, graphic design, illustration and visual effects for movie post - production studios.After moving to USA in 2016 Angelova starts creating using oil paints and canvases as a medium. In the following years she creates series of paintings expressing unique imaginary world which symbolizes and reflects people's emotions and personal battles as they go through life.
Zlatka Angelova's paintings are currently being exposed into local restaurants. In 2020 the artists wins an Excellence Prize at Awesome Art Prizes competition which is followed by an online exhibition and publication in the print edition of the magazine including the rewarded painting called "Spring". In August 2021 Angelova's painting "In Between Two Realms" is exhibited at World Revolt Gallery as a part of the Elemental Exhibition. In January Angelova participates in the exhibition "Emotions" at Gallerium Art platform with her painting called "A Journey".

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