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Artist ID: 2418

I’m not concerned with traditional representation of physical objects or recognizable images. My concentration is in the exploration of the subconscious mind through spontaneous expression. Abstract Expressionist painting gives me the freedom of infinite creative possibilities and the experimentation of relationships between form, balance, color and composition. Oil on canvas has become my medium for creating this art. I find the oil’s drying time and forgiveness allow additional thought before the finality of the piece.

My process begins with building the surface; raw unprimed canvas, choosing the wood for the stretchers and priming the surface. It is where ideas begin to interact with my subconscious. Quick gesture drawings begin to take shape at this stage. I begin to block areas out to create balance and composition. This is done using specific colors, deciding which pair well together. Next, the tone, shades and tint begin to take form. Over time, I have found that my subconscious will communicate which marks or colors to add in certain areas as the piece progresses.

My paintings are intended to provide a space open for the viewers personal interpretation. Engaging the viewer and challenging the normality of what’s expected, creating their own experience. Over the years I have studied several Artists in-depth. The theories and body of work from Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning and Richard Diebenkorn have always stood out and influenced my passion and desire to be an Artist.

Artist Biography

Born Mickey Wayne Miller in Birmingham, Alabama in 1971, MW Miller and his family move to nearby Montgomery, Alabama. This is where, at age 13, he begins to study oil painting with local artist Joe Mullins creating realistic landscapes and seascapes. Miller is accepted into the Carver Creative and Performing Arts Center (CPAC). A high school program for Artist, Actors and Musicians.
Upon graduating High School in 1989 Miller attends The Atlanta College of Art and is selected for exhibition at “The Big A Show”. A group exhibition consisting of Artist, Musicians and Actors. Transferring back to his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama he attends Auburn University at Montgomery and studies Watercolor and Oil Painting under Richard Mills and Jake Wagnon. Miller organizes and participates in a group exhibition of “Found Object” sculpture created from debris left from an F5 tornado that devastated Jefferson County and surrounding areas around Birmingham. The works of Art were auctioned off and the proceeds were sent to the families affected by the deadly storms.
MW Miller has his second Solo exhibition in 1997 at the Second Floor Gallery at the New South Art Shop in Montgomery displaying his current series of paintings entitled “Poetic Surfaces”. Miller begins to change and expand his creative energies into a more abstract approach. “I have gravitated to a nonobjective nonfigurative way of painting. Using Abstract Expressionism to convey spontaneously the relationship with the subconscious mind and the act of painting.” Moving to Orlando, Florida to accept a position with Walt Disney World as a Caricature artist he continues to be selected for group exhibits and starts exhibiting his work on sitcom television programming for Universal Studios. In 2002 he is selected to exhibit alongside Floridian Mixed Medium Artist Dina Mack in a “Two-person exhibition” at The Gallery at Avalon in the Arts District of Downtown Orlando.
MW Miller currently paints daily in his Birmingham, Alabama studio. He lives with his muse wife Nicole and 2 dogs continually exhibiting in Galleries, Group shows and Private Collections across the country.

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