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Artist ID: 2415

Daily reality is ordinary. However, as we start consciously sensing those moments from every day, the sound, the smell, and the light and darkness, we will realize there is always something that possesses the potential to animate a spiritual event and thus, leads us to reach the evidence of certainty of being. In this state, intellect and logic neither contribute to explaining the happening nor help support the process of thinking. Rather, we have to sidestep ourselves to remove the very condition of our subjectivity and be open to what happens in order to experience the intensity of the spiritual occurrence. As an artist, I’m obsessed with exploring the sensations rooted in ordinary moment and lifting the monumentality through pictorial and space-based perspective. My work aims to create moment of sense of wonder and position the viewer to an experiential state by promoting evidence of affective experience and interpreting them through painting process. People will become aware of their feelings as experiencing the offered moment, where nothing may be new, yet it’s different.

Inspired by daily life, Tong Zhang's work aims to lift the sensation rooted in ordinary moments by promoting affective experience through painting process and to position the viewer to experience the intensity of sense of wonder. His research has been gravitated toward exploring how paintings function as a resource material in initiating narrative system rather than as finished objects. Tong's interdisciplinary practice and commitment to creating spiritual events have taken him to the United Kingdom, China, and across the United States including exhibitions in Elysium Gallery, Swansea, UK; Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China; Milk Gallery, New York City; Attleboro Arts Museum, Massachusetts; Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona. His recent work has been featured in various publications including the CREATE! Magazine, the Woven Tale Press, and the “CREATIVEBLOCH” Art Magazine among others. Tong Zhang is the recipient of many awards including The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant 2018 and 2017, The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for Art Residency and George J. Vander Sluis Award 2018 and 2017. Tong received his MFA in Painting from Syracuse University, a MFA in experimental Art from the China Academy of Art and a BFA from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in China.

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