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Artist ID: 2414

Switching from large oil paintings during graduate school, I now paint large acrylic paintings. My early works were of odd perspectives of everyday objects (my son’s toys, books, chairs, etc.). Today I enjoy painting confident women in luxurious clothing and elegant high heels.I also create smaller mixed-media pieces reflecting retro images from my childhood including old dress patterns, paper dolls, sewing notions, found objects, & photos. I enjoy juxtaposing historical elements with contemporary ones and the pursuit of identity through the genealogy of material objects.

Many of my dress paintings feature luxurious fabrics and modified poses of the women who wear them. Their faces are usually obscured in order for the viewer to imagine themselves wearing the featured dress. My shoe paintings are not only reflective of the design quality of high-end footwear, but also the elegance of the occasion with which each heel could be worn.
Many may feel my work is a pass to objectifying women, but I see them as empowering women to wear whatever they want and look good while wearing them. The images I choose are based on not only the fabric or heels but for the poses the women possess. Those poses are ones of confidence and strength.

I grew up in north Alabama where I received an art scholarship to a junior college but chose to study Business Administration at Birmingham-Southern College. I continued taking art classes throughout college but didn’t think I could make it as an artist and teaching was never on my radar.

Ten years after receiving my degree in business, I started my family and returned to school for a Master’s degree in Art Education. My media of choice at the time was large oil paintings of odd still-life objects seen from my two-year-old son’s point of view.

I then received a MA.E. degree in 1996 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and taught PK-12 visual art classes for 17 years in the Birmingham area. I received a Ph.D. in 2013 in Educational Research from The University of Alabama with a desire to teach at the collegiate level. I began teaching Visual Arts and Arts Education classes at Troy University in 2013.

After a health scare in mid-2021, I needed something to help me de-stress so I went back to my first love….painting. I’ve found my “center” again and think it’s making me a better teacher by practicing what I preach. I always loved painting fabric so I look for images with lush fabrics and a sexy, retro-vibe. I was always a shoe-oholic but as I grow older, I can't wear the high heels of my younger days, so I paint them. With the shoes, I look for the design quality of high-end footwear, but also the elegance of the occasion with which each heel could be worn.

I currently live in Troy, Alabama with my husband, Tom, and our two dogs, Sam and Max. I am in my 9th year of teaching art education, drawing, and visual arts courses at Troy University.

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