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Artist ID: 2413

Sometimes profound moments come from the mundane, like finding wisdom in a line spoken on a TV show. I bring the power of storytelling to discarded items, weaving nostalgia and personal symbolism into my work. I often address womanhood through examination of the male gaze, domestication, tradition, and consumerism. My work takes a patchwork quilt approach - bringing various mediums and moments from life together to make something new. I find patterns in process and meaning while trying to resolve my experience and relate to common experiences.

Erin London grew up in rural North Alabama where her family's Southeastern roots and tales passed down about relatives taught her to appreciate a good story. She created a handwritten book of poetry and attended her first author's conference at nine years old. At eleven, she auditioned for community theater and landed her first paying job as the lead in a musical. By thirteen she reported on recycling for the local television news. At fourteen she took up dance and won national awards, touring internationally with Goodwill and landing her second job as a professional dancer by the time she graduated high school.
Her storytelling roots inspired her to study Language Arts and Visual Art at Berry College, earning her BA at Athens State University. She bought her first manual film camera in college and worked as a portrait photographer upon graduation. Freelance marketing and brand development soon followed in Birmingham, where she worked with commercial photographers and magazines through photo styling, makeup, talent scouting, and assisting on advertising campaigns. This insider look at the fashion industry inspired her Un-Dress Project. Fashion waste and a chronic lack of designs for different body types drove her to make a dress from discarded items that would fit multiple body shapes well in 2016. The dress continues to travel around the world, with new collaborators modeling and documenting it at each location. A new dress for the project is underway using upcycled CDs. The Un-Dress Project features in an upcoming group exhibition at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in fall of 2022.

She co-founded the Alabama Arts Log in 2018, a resource that easily identifies and promotes opportunities to appreciate visual art throughout the state. She is currently re-tooling Alabama Arts Log as a program of the Alabama Visual Arts Network, whose board she joined this year.

She returned to North Alabama in 2019, where she created a gallery to highlight local artists at the salon she manages in Huntsville. The in-house gallery has since expanded to the salon’s Birmingham and Austin, Texas locations. At the salon, she also designed and edited three in-house magazines devoted to fashion, beauty, trends, inspiration, and art, and is currently working on a fourth. She has just finished the third installation of Fill in the Blank, a state-funded program she co-founded that pays Alabama artists to show work in underutilized buildings as a means of economic development and community revitalization.

She continues to develop new bodies of work while pursuing collaborative projects throughout Alabama and around the world.

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