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Artist ID: 2412

Inspiration for my work starts with images and objects that catch my eye. Architectural imagery, early morning or late in the day being my favorite. In my mixed media pieces, I combine colored pencil drawings with artist fabricated materials. Salvaged clocks, radios, pianos, rusted metals, broken furniture, and drift wood yield a great selection of material that I cut, shape, alter, and fabricate into something different from its original use. A variety of techniques are utilized; from painting, drawing, and illustration; to metal fabrication, woodworking, assemblage, and sewing. The actual objects that are added to a painstakingly rendered drawing are reinvented and become a believable component to the piece. A radio fuse and metal rod become a utility pole with birds on a wire in a sunset landscape. Randomly cut pieces of wood and wire mesh capture the look of an actual pier with reflections on the water. Cut and shaped rusted metal pieces define an owls face. These invented 3-d elements are an integral part of my work, creating actual shadows over ones that are drawn. This engages the viewer to question what is real; adding additional interest and complexity to the art experience.

Southern born and raised, with Huntsville being my home since 1969. I Began my art career after college in 1979 and currently work from my studio at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment. I enjoy the outdoors; gardening, bicycling, hiking, camping with my husband and dogs.

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