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Artist ID: 2411

This work is mixed media, based on original digital photographs that are then painted in the digital darkroom. They begin with original photos of stains, cracks, blebs, mold, and other markings on concrete and/or asphalt. They are then painting on in the digital darkroom to create “concrete landscapes.”
This artist practices the art of seeing. Photographs can come from a place where we let go of our expectations and preconceived ideas, and instead open to letting the visual surprises in the everyday world find us. His work process includes curiosity, exploring, playing, and serendipity.

Their images express moments of clear, fresh connection with the visual world, creating beautiful, original compositions where eye, mind, and heart converge.

He follows his own road of study, learning from photographers, painters, art teachers, writers, potters, and poets. Simons has won numerous awards for his photos. He has practiced the art of seeing with the camera for nearly 20 years.

Having grown up in Massachusetts, he lived in New York City for 25 years and now makes his home in Montgomery, AL.

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