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Artist ID: 2406

Art to me has always been the language of mind, and a way of expressing freely, and since I do not like to abide by the rules, Abstraction has given me the freedom to fulfill my creative inner visions.

As a young student I was fascinated by Geometric Drawing and Architecture, and that fascination created the dream to become an Architect which I never realized due to affordability at the time.

With the need to express my creativity, I continued Drawing, Painting and later on adding Photography to the mix, creating a relationship between the three that provide expressions of energy, space and time.

Over the last six years I dedicated more time to developing awareness to the Environment and Political needs of the World we live in, and been contributing through a body of work done with recycled corrugated boxes, that are inscribed with messages in red over black to create some thought, alert and awareness.

I regard my recycled box sculptures as being as essential to my artistic practice as my paintings on canvas and paper.

Artist Biography

Joseph Medina Silva​, is a self taught multidisciplinary, award winning artist, born on the island of Terceira in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.

Medina da Silva has lived in Charlotte North Carolina since 1996, where he has his studio and where he creates and displays his art in various mediums.

Preferring to express himself through abstract painting, photography, geometric drawings, ceramics and sculptured pieces using recycled materials.

In the 1970`s Medina da Silva studied photography in Salem Massachusetts under the supervision of Fine Art Photographer Andrew Xenios and has been photographing since then.

In the 1980`s video became another form of expression for Medina da Silva and in the span of nine years many documentaries and series were produced at the Adams and Russell cable and Time Warner cable studios, for the Portuguese language speaking communities of Gloucester, Peabody, Somerville and Cambridge in Massachusetts.

Medina da Silva has been engaged in various exhibitions, competitions and presentations throughout North and South Carolina, Massachusetts and the Azores.

As an award winning artist he has won awards in Massachusetts, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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