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Artist ID: 2405

In an attempt to soothe the vagaries of memory, my practice examines my relationship to the familiar as an embodied experience. Dealing with the interplay between past and present, I investigate how both can shape identity. John Berger suggested, “ is rather like memory; memory is normally embedded in an experience and photography has the ability to record these experiences”. Although memories seem frozen in time, the passage of time itself can alter these recollections. Photographs, like those disjointed memories, enable multiple understandings of the experience they represent, therefore, creating a need to make narrative sense of these events. With my attempts to weave disparate images together using complex visual narratives, I hope to create universality amongst the content.

Jesse Ryan Brown was born in College Park, Georgia in 1980. He received a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photographic Imaging from The Art Institute of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004 and a Masters of Fine Art in Studio Art from The Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, in 2020.
Brown is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi.

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