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Artist ID: 2391

I am a printmaker and book artist. My book projects have in common a repeated effort to reframe or reorganize existing information in order to pose new questions and challenge assumptions. I work in book form because of the natural relationship between the book and the communication of information. Our visual vocabulary developed simultaneously with the development of the book. They have worked together for over a thousand years to encapsulate information, to preserve it and to pass it forward. I am interested in the simplicity of this diagrammatic language, which allows for slight variations in line, color and format to describe a great variety of different systems; the movement of peoples, changes in climate, the progress of disease. This flexibility speaks to our need to connect, to find patterns, and to place ourselves in a world we can understand and explain. My work is typically printed using letterpress techniques and bound using traditional hand bookbinding methods.. Although many of my books are independent efforts, collaboration is also key to my practice.

Sarah Bryant has produces prints and artist books under the name Big Jump Press. In 2013 she co-founded Shift-lab, a collective of five artists living across the United States who collaborate on book projects. She is currently an assistant professor for the MFA Book Arts Program at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She has won numerous awards for her book projects, including the MCBA Prize, an international award given every two years to a single artist book, and the Victor Hammer Fellowship at Wells College.

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