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Artist ID: 2390

I paint because I bleed Alizarin Crimson.
As a small child - third grade, to be exact - I painted a watercolor sun into a sky and CREATED A COLOR! I was amazed at how simply I could generate a new color that wasn’t there before. I remain awe-struck, still, at this always-new discovery of color creation and juxtaposition. Because I am a colorist I have a great need to present to the world what color can do.

My work is also about introspection — spiritual, psychological, soul-searching. If only to look inside, look at my work. It would be good for the viewer to be still and accept her/his personal freedom of interpretation.

My process is one of "reduction"; painting till the canvas is over-full of movement and connections (as I see the world's confusion) then obliterating that world-chaos - removing extraneous marks - until the work and the discovery become a complete and orderly composition. As I would love the world to be; composed, organized. I am excited by the evolution of shapes and the discovery of how movement impacts each of these shapes to become cohesive.

Channeling the "process" rather than focusing on "product" wrenches the visceral truth(s). Finishing touches and fine tuning soften the blow. For me, there is much listening to authentic intuitiveness with abstraction (and, it always requires music.)

Sheila Grabarsky recently had featured paintings in Willliams Sonoma catalog and had seven paintings selected for the Hollywood movie American Pastoral. She was recently interviewed for “A Night In The Art Gallery” on NJDiscover cable TV and wrote a published back cover testimonial for a book of art/poetry entitled Leaves of Absence by Sally Brown Deskins, published in February 2016. Sheila is a seasoned, classically trained, national award-winning artist who has worked and exhibited across the U.S. for over 25 years in corporate, educational, commercial, and healthcare venues as well as museums and online. Her work is in numerous private and public collections and is currently represented by Beauregard Fine Art, Rumson, NJ, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, Lori Austin Fine Art, Sebastopol, CA, ArtWorks Gallery, Cedar City, UT AND Virgo Apothecary, Savannah, GA as well as online at, and She is also represented by Elizabeth Sadoff Art Agency, Integrated Art LLC, Artists Circle, MD.

Classically trained at Syracuse University, Sheila's work evolved from dark and foreboding expressionistic portraits into gestural, happy abstractions. “I do not have a preconceived notion as I approach my easel. I work in multicolored, multitextured layers. Lately I've been adhering dried skins of acrylic residue off my palette, as I find them incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Watching as forms literally present themselves as foreground is an amazing experience, always requiring hours of concentrated studio time. I am fascinated by the discovery and the mystery of harnessing chaos into a cohesive composition.

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