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Artist ID: 2378

The stereotypical ideal home is often seen as a place of comfort, peace, connection, stability, and privacy. While that all sounds appealing, it is rare that the domestic is able to meet these expectations. I unmake said expectations through visual decisions that operate as both literal representations of qualities of the space as well as metaphors for psychological qualities of both the space and the inhabitants. This work is autobiographical and challenges the idea that home ought to be a place of comfort, connection, and familiarity. Although autobiographical, the work invites people from various backgrounds and regions to consider their own understanding of home. I unmake the predictability of the depicted spaces through either subtle or overt alterations of these once commonplace areas. While these spaces are grounded in observable reality, they are not entirely logical and operate as psychological environments that often enter the realm of the uncanny or melancholic.
Moments of confusing space, intense color, and a focus on contrasting value, temperature, and saturation serve to make the home feel strange and disconcerting. Solitary figures feel still and quiet in contrast with any visual loudness. Pairs of figures exude a sense of unease and separation, and they often fail to interact with each other. Tension shown through means like color is indicative of psychological or relationship strain and disconnect within the scenes depicted. As a result, the visual decisions made in distorting the home environment operate metaphorically and as extensions of the occupiers.

Ashley Waller is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, although she spent much of her childhood and teen years living in both South Africa and Kenya. Her travels as a youth, coupled with frequently moving as an adult, spurred her fascination with the contemporary domestic culture and experience, especially amongst her peers. In 2016, she received her Bachelor of Arts from Anderson University in South Carolina, and in 2020 she received her MFA in Visual Arts from Clemson University. She is both a 2017 Brandon Fellowship recipient from the Greenville Center for Creative Arts and a 2019 grant recipient from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. Currently, she teaches at the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University in South Carolina.

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