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Artist ID: 2375

My acrylic paintings are colorful, emotionally-charged portraits representing the complexity of identity and gender. Individuals candidly display feelings, often in solitude and engulfed by overwhelming negative space or natural scenes. These backgrounds serve as a reminder of humans’ place in a much larger universe.

Living in many areas of the United States from the East to West coast, as well as the Midwestern and Southern regions has introduced me to diversity revealing cultural patterns and distinctions. My art is inspired by these people and places, and a desire to commemorate stories. Viewers are granted intimate access to these microcosms during ordinary moments. Exaggerated features and disjointed figures convey the discomfort of an outsider gaze, physical and emotional sensations, like pain and vulnerability, often deliberately obscured from strangers. Dreamy colors invite abandonment of binary thinking in exchange for exploration of not easily categorized gray areas of life.

My recent collection "Strange Daze" explores candid portraits of physical and emotional isolation during a global pandemic.


Caitlin Morris has lived in many areas of the United States but currently resides in Charlotte outside her hometown of Davidson, NC with her schnauzer-terrier, Butterscotch.

Through emotionally-charged portraits, Caitlin explores the complexity of identity and gender, granting viewers intimate access to everyday moments. Finding solitude in nature, she encourages viewers to appreciate the sanctity of relationships and a world beyond themselves. Her work aims to evoke thought, change, or a moment of reprieve from daily haste.

Portland, OR, Austin, TX and NYC are among places Caitlin’s art has been featured. Her work is currently held in private collections throughout the US and abroad. Her acrylic paintings are memorable for bright colors and exaggerated features. Deconstruction of societal stereotypes, love, loss and connection with nature are themes playfully explored through her paintings.

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