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Artist ID: 2374

Contemporary Impressionist Landscapes and Abstracts
Cold Wax Oil, Watercolor and Acrylic

My art is a composite of reflections from my life, of Southern rural landscapes, travel, and visual memories. I am drawn to themes of light and color, like those at the beginning and ending of the day. Coastal, lake and river horizons. Soft views from nature, with seasonal changes, especially the new green shades of spring, and the surprise of winter color in a dormant field.

As a self-described “late blooming” artist, when not painting from life, I find that a collage of stored images from my mind often inspire or influence the canvas. My paintings from memories evolve as they grow from the brush and palette. Beginning with a general vision, then gaining clarity with progression of the work. Many times making major revisions, especially when working in the cold wax medium, which lends itself to the nuances created by layering. Each piece becomes a personal journey for me, and I welcome the varied interpretations that may arise in me, as well in the eyes of others.

Rebecca Hewitt is native of Jackson, Mississippi and a graduate of Belhaven University. After first working in the accounting field, she spent a number of years as a Realtor. She and her husband David have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. She currently resides in Dothan, Alabama.

When not painting or spending time with family, she enjoys the beach, traveling, reading and cooking-- but not cleaning up!

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