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Artist ID: 2368

My work explores human responses to the passage of time. As people, this response occurs simultaneously together and alone. Every day, each one of us decides where and how to use our time. Except it’s not ours. Time answers to no one. What most interests me is what time demands of us. The fluid motion of time moves linearly and unchallenged. Yet it is not without rhythm or repetition. Time moves like the tide in an unbroken cycle - beginning, end, repeat. The past pushes, the future pulls and the present hesitates. I use a multitude of sculptural materials to express these concepts, such as natural and synthetic found objects, handmade papers, and cast bronze. Each material lends itself differently to a particular aspect of time. For example, natural found objects often reference the turning of the seasons, while bronze might represent humanity's obsession with creating things that will outlast them.

(In Third Person): Molly Lay is a Master of Fine Art graduate student specializing in sculpture at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa where she also assists in teaching multiple 3D Design undergraduate courses. Molly received her Bachelor of Arts in studio art from Samford University, in Birmingham, Alabama. She had the opportunity to study abroad for four months in spring 2019 at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. Molly has held an internship at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Education and Community Engagement. She also worked as a curator for the Great Explorations Children’s Museum in Saint Petersburg, Florida. As a freelance artist, she has created illustrations for advertisements like Michael Kelly Guitars and done large scale paintings such as a mural in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2018.

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