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Artist ID: 2363

I’ve made art from a young age as a means of coping with and processing my emotions. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I was raised by a single mother of three. Growing up in poverty and through abusive situations created a fragile human trying to navigate the world. I’ve dealt with mental health issues my whole life and art was a means of comfort. As time went on my focus changed from just using art to express my emotions to using it to navigate the complex way that everyone experiences their emotions and their lives. I explore the relationships between myself, others, emotions, identity, and the way people are perceived and express themselves. People inspire me. Spending a lot of my life in survival mode kept me from fully being present and experiencing my life. In 2018 I hit an art block that I couldn’t escape until 2020. In 2021, I was able to access therapy for the first time and was able to begin healing. 2021 was a life changing for me. I realized that I had spent so long living but not being present in my life. I quit her soul-sucking job to focus on my art and enrolled in school full time. I applied for and was accepted in the BFA program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham with an expected graduation date of 2024. It a was a catalyst for my artistic vision. I took my first painting class and realized that before I didn’t have a deep relationship with the works I created. Art has helped me begin exploring my personal relationships with others and shown me that I wanted to have a closer relationship with the art I make. As a figurative artist I began making meaningful connections with my subjects to learn about them and ensure I was invested in the person and could connect with my art at a deeper level.

From a young age, Sam has made art that helps her process her emotions. By creating drawings, paintings, and digital illustrations, she continues to explore perception, emotion, identity, and relationships. She also creates commissioned character designs for fantasy games and stories. When Sam was in middle school she had her art displayed for the first time at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for a youth exhibit. Since then she has competed and had art displayed in multiple states. In 2012, Sam had art displayed in the Birmingham Museum of Art for a youth art month. In 2013, she won her first competition at Bevil state in their Torch art competition and was a finalist in the 7th Congressional District’s Art competition. The next year, in 2014, she won 2nd place in the Birmingham Museum of Art’s Gandhi Jayanti Essay and Poster Contest. She won 1st place in the Torch competition again in 2015 and won 1st place in the 7th Congressional District’s Art Competition. The piece from the Congressional art competition was displayed in the White House for one year after the initial showing. When Samantha graduated highschool she had her first solo showing in Ensley, Alabama to raise money for her college pursuits. In 2022, Sam displayed 3 pieces of art the UAB's juried annual student exhibition. Sam is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Alabama.

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