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Artist ID: 2359

My work celebrates the things we pass by, often unnoticed, while moving about our day. I am interested in entropy as well as the growth that is its companion. Close observation of the patterns and structures in nature, as well as the rhythm of its seasonal cycles, is an enthusiasm and an influence. I see tenacity and resilience within these systems and feel deeply connected to them.
Domesticity is simultaneously welcoming and claustrophobic, and the cultural labor traditionally performed in those spaces is a touchstone. Repetition and pattern are at the core of my process.

It is my job to honor the gap between intent and neglect. My personal metaphors and my artistic travels run parallel to the transitioning values of our larger society. My art challenges assumptions about culture and gender, value and decline, public and private, nature and civilization.

Although Sara Dismukes has lived in several of the US time zones, she has been a long-time resident of Alabama. She is on faculty within the Department of Art and Design at Troy University. Drawing—whether analog or digital—is the focus of her studio practice.

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