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Artist ID: 2358

I no longer set out to make my art photorealistic, although for many years I did. Line upon line, curve upon curve, everything had to be perfect. Every shadow, crease or fold I drew, never deviating from the original photograph I referenced from.
It would be very difficult to attribute any particular style or genre to me because I'm fascinated by so many things. I must say, however, I am influenced by the works of Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Magritte, and Escher to name a few. The blurred wings of a bird, a car in motion, light as it filters through leaves and branches in a forest, a quick flash of imagery across my mind - the obscure and unnoticeable things is what I attempt to capture on canvas or paper.

I love incorporating mistakes in my work, especially something I cannot reproduce. I also draw ideas from the dreams that I have when I'm asleep which gives my work a very somber sometimes surrealistic quality.

So in short, just as we grow and mature from childhood to adulthood, I feel that the artist should evolve and develop and we should yield to that inner voice and flow in the direction of creativity. Creativity trumps over being meticulous.

Kevin Hargrave was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina in the mid-sixties. He works primarily in pastels and graphite/charcoal but recently in December 2015 he has taken up acrylic painting. Kevin is a self-taught artist with no art training other than art classes in junior high school and high school. He has had solo shows in Ozark, AL at the Dowling-Rudd Art Gallery, various locations in Montgomery, AL and in numerous juried art shows throughout Alabama, Florida, and North Carolina.

His work in represented at the Dowling-Rudd Art Gallery and the homes of private collectors. He lives and works in Enterprise, Alabama.

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